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1st Post

Thanks for checking out my site first and foremost. This is my first entry in the blog. Instead of just jumping right in, let’s go over the key ideas I have in mind with this site and how it could provide value to you the reader.  


Well, it is a blog

So starting with the basics, this is a blog. So I have to write stuff down. I’ll go over CTF walkthroughs as well as some neat DFIR tricks I learned along the way.


Threat Feed

This was something I figured I should do when I was laying in bed at 2 am. I was winding down about to pass out when my brain said “Hey you know you should add a threat feed to your website right now”. I didn’t sleep that night till 4 am.



Depending on who is using this website, you might have some downtime. So why not check out some memes. We all Love memes, so I’ll be sure to get some good, safe for work content on the site so you can share with others.



It kind of comes down to this. I’m an introvert. So when I went to Defcon, it was pretty tough for me to walk up to people (or maybe it was my paranoia) who I felt was light years ahead of me. I want to network with my community and make more friends. I like to help others break into this field because let’s face it, you’re tired of seeing Entry-level roles on job postings that say they are required to have 5 years experience and a CISSP. lol If you’re a recruiter, come on, change that.

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