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Hi! I’m Matt and I’ve worked in Information Security for 5 years. I wanted to create this site to keep track of notes I collect in the industry (as well as share memes). I like coffee, classic cars, memes, Zoom Bingo when on mute, beer, and riding my motorcycle.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way
Star Wars > Star Trek
Tacos > Nuggets
Dragon Ball Z > Any other anime
Marvel > DC



Breaking the Norm

When I was making this website, my intention was simple. To harvest a central location to save notes of cool things I’ve learned along my journey in InfoSec as well as have my own meme feed.

This will be a rather unorthodox website. So while there will be tips and tricks on how to do certain things in Security (like how to explore the Windows Hives), this website will contain some pretty awesome memes.

Understand, that I’m no professional web designer. It’s like when you say you work in IT to family/friends and everyone says “OH YOU CAN FIX MY COMPUTER?!?”. I don’t know it all and to be quite frank (Hi Frank!), I used a template to make this site.

So enjoy the humor, check out the threat feed and if this website provides value to you, consider buying me a coffee 🙂

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